Cultures of Iron Age Kur

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Children of Chaos

The Children of Chaos live in the highest mountain valleys, north of Ambitus, and near the ceiling of the world. They are known (to outsiders) as the Children of Chaos because, as Kalyon, their eyes remain two different colors throughout their lives. Thus, the bear the hallmark of children in other cultures. Moreover, to the foreign eye, their culture makes little sense.

To a Child, though, this Chaos is predictable. Bear in mind that their Stone Age ancestors invented the alphabet as a joke. Chaos Children of yore were fond of passage a message in the form of a convoluted rebus. Consider their surprise when the efficiency of this madness became apparent.

Since then, the Children have dabbled with all four realms of magic, tamed the guyastacus and silkworm, and built roads that seemingly lead to nowhere (a surprising number of these roads drift off into the Dread, okay it's not that surprising). Given their fascination with all things magical, the Children assume that all beings are capable of fantastic feats. They are shocked when confronted by strangers unable to cast even the most simple of spells.

The Children have used magic all their lives and organize themselves into three colleges. The College of War includes those Children with the least magical ability, what others might call Semi spell-users. The College of War is also responsible for hunting and gathering. When a community is decimated by a Dragon, the College of War provides succor for the survivors.

The College of Magic includes those Children with the greatest focus in one area, what are usually called Pure spell-users. The College of Magic maintains the goat herds that supply the Children with wool and cheese. The College of Magic is also responsible for establishing the (ever-changing) boundaries between one city-state and the next.

The Doctors are those Children with the greatest affinity for a wide range of magic (or Hybrid spell-users). The other Colleges have great respect for the doctors, providing the necessary resources for experimentation and travel. The Doctors care for the silk worms that generate the robes prized so highly by foreigners.

The Children wear grey woolen suits over brightly colored silk trousers and tunics. They live in stone city-states, many of which have stood for centuries (and several of which have been abandoned and fallen into ruin).



The Imarru live in the dry and rocky plains that separate Ambitus from the desert kingdoms to the west. The lion centaurs travel in family bands that are largely self-sufficient. Given the poor soil in the region, a band identifies a plot with water and farms that plot for one to three years. Once the plot is spent, they pack up and move on.

This semi-nomadic life allows the Imarru to cover (and hold) much more territory than their numbers would otherwise suggest. They are a pragmatic people, not given to holidays or large gatherings. Important messages are communicated from plot to plot by runners. Less important chatter is passed from band to band when they bump into each other while searching for new plots.

An Imarru typically wears a collection of scarves from which other Imarru can recognize lineage. This is not to say that one line is more highly regarded than another; these lines are distinct but equal. During the heat of the day, many Imarru don felt hats or bonnets.


The Kethyrru reside in the foothills and valleys north of Ambitus. These bird people are both xenophobic and curious: they don't want strangers poking around in their territory, but they have no issue injecting themselves into others' business. In time, we should not be surprised if the Kethyrru were to invent colonization.

Whereas the Kethyrru are familiar with agriculture, they rely on hunting for food and trade goods. They are generally welcome at trading posts near the frontier, where the locals are familiar with the birds' arrogance and machismo.

A Kethyrru wears a leather vest and leg pouches when the weather is warm. As the weather cools, they add fur lined leggings and sleeves. When interacting with humans, they often don cloaks to hide disguise their appearance. These disguises don't fool anyone, but playing along keeps the relationship cordial.

Starting Skills

Category or Skill Child of Chaos Imarru Kethyrru
Artistic • Active 1
    Acting 1
Athletic • Brawn 1 1 1
Athletic • Endurance 1 1 1
    Distance Running 1
    Swimming 1 1
Athletic • Gymnastics 1 1 5
    Climbing 1
    Flying/Gliding 5
Awareness • Perceptions 0 0 0
    Alertness 2 2 2
Awareness • Searching 1 1 1
    Observation 1 1 1
    Reading Tracks 1
    Tracking 1
Awareness • Senses 1
    Reality Awareness 1
    Situational Awareness: Spellcasting 1
Body Development 0 0 0
    Concussion Hits 1 2 1
Communications: Kalyon 3
    Gibber (S) 5
    Kalyon (W) 1
Communications: Kish 3 3
    Imarru (S) 5
    Kethyrru (S) 5
    Kish (W) 1 1
    Te'klu (S) 3 3
Crafts 0 0 0
    Animal-crafts 1 1 1
    Paper-crafts 1
    Stone-crafts 1 1
    Textile-crafts 1
    Wood-crafts 1
Influence 2
    Teaching 2
Lore • General 3 3 3
    Culture Lore: Own 3 3 3
    Fauna Lore 2
    Flora Lore 1
    Region Lore: Own 3 3 3
Lore • Obscure 2
    Dragon Lore 2
    Faerie Lore 2
Outdoor • Animal 1
    Riding: Draft 1
Outdoor • Environmental 2 1 2
    Foraging 1 1
    Hunting 2
    Survival: Alpine (A) 2 2
    Survival: Plains (P) 1
Power Awareness 2
    Attunement 2
    Read Runes 2
Power Point Development 0
    Power Points 3
Resistance 0 0 0
    Disease Resistance 1 1 1
    Divine Resistance 1 1 1
    Fear Resistance 1 1 1
    Impulse Resistance 1 1 1
    Poison Resistance 1 1 1
    Psychic Resistance 1
Spells • Divine Open Lists 0
    Light's Way 1
Spells • Impulse Open Lists 0
    Detecting Ways 1
Spells • Psychic Open Lists 0
    Anticipations 1
Subterfuge • Stealth 1 2 3
    Hiding 1 2 3
    Stalking 1 2 3
Technical/Trade • General 1 1 1
Weapon • Chains 2
    Net 2
Weapon • Chopping 1
    Axe 1
Weapon • Crushing 1
    Mace 1
Weapon • Pole Arms 2 2
    Spear 2 2
Weapon • Thrown 1 1 1
    Direct Thrown 1 1
    Rotating Thrown 1
Hobbies 2 4 4
Everyman Skills Reality Awareness
Cost [1] 36 2 16

[1] To determine a character’s background options, add up the racial cost and the culture cost. Convert that total into talent points or background options using Talent Law. The Children fall in the 76-100 point range, resulting in 50 talent points or 5 background options. The Imarru fall in the 101-125 range, resulting in 45 talent points or 5 background options. The Kethyrru fall in the 76-100 point range resulting in 50 talent points or 5 background options.