Gods of Kur - Part 8

Copyright Peter Mork © 2016

The Twins' Faction

The twins are clones of Nyx and Machafuko. Which means they aren't really twins, they're kind of cousins and yet also siblings. Like so much of the gods' family tree, it's complicated. If nothing else, this pair is similar enough in demeanor to be twins.


Eris is a young child with blond curls, grabby hands, and a mercurial disposition. When Machafuko was trying to escape the Palace at Kish, he inadvertently made a copy of himself. That copy became Eris.

Since then, Eris has been a constant source of delight and frustration. Whatever Eris does, she does it loudly and without regard for others. In addition, she is the patron of dragonriders, beastmasters, and any other being that bends another to their will. (She tends to get her hands on items that control other beings' actions.)


Deimos is a slender middle-aged man with long thin hair and a gravelly voice. Deimos sprang forth when Nyx bathed in the Crucible of Creation, deep in the Pale. When he was younger, Deimos and Eris were close siblings. However, when Eris rejected Deimos' advances ("Don't be a silly goose!") their rivalry turned to outright hostility.

In order to fully wage war on Eris, Deimos first trapped the gods in the Void. He then assembled the brightest mages to breed dragons that could not be tamed. Others he recruited to invent horrors that could terrorize both the mortals of Kur and their undead counterparts. His tower can be found in the mountains between Ambitus and Percoland, reaching high into the Void and Dread.

Asha Khalifa

Asha Khalifa is a kind matron venerated in lands plagued by Eris and Deimos. She protects all who are with child from the terrors and discord inflicted by the twins. Her priestesses are primarily Druids willing to unlock the magic of blood sacrifice. The twins like Asha because a) she creates the illusion of hope and b) she provides more souls to torment.

Like most fertility godesses, Asha is rotund with large breasts and hips. Her skin is dark and her clothing loose. She carries a staff and looks after a herd of goats, a giant rabbit always at her beck and call.

The Earth's Faction

Deep in the earth, a great power has always existed. When the gods were imprisoned, this power arose from its slumber. It found willing worshippers among the orcs, goblins, and krals.


"That whose name has been forgotten" is the emergent god of earth. It is a shapeless force that lacks a distinct boundary. It is everywhere to some degree, and yet nowhere is it truly manifest. It ebbs and flows, most concentrated deep underground.

This being seeks to end the scourge of life upon its surface. Constant activity has woken the earth, and it desires once again to sleep. The forgotten one particularly despises civilizations that construct great cities erupting like zits upon its skin.


Knowear is the cheerful, plump god of nomads. He is worshiped by anyone that needs to travel great distances (by land). If the individuals are fleeing civilization, he will often leave baskets of food to sustain the refugees (his favorite is the Festive Raisin-Studded Sunburst Loaf).

He is only loosely aligned with the earth in that both dislike large concentrations of people. Knowear does his best to distract the other gods with puzzles and riddles to mute their ability to support their favorite cities. When you awaken to see Knowear smiling at you from the foot of your bed, you can bet that he is trying to keep you from some pressing matter.


Zarn is tall and muscular with short dark hair. His skin is nearly as bronzed as his breastplate. He is almost never without his helmet, pauldrons, bracers, and greaves. He carries a sword and dagger and a quiver of javelins.

Zarn lives for battle. He rides into battle on a great warhorse, smiting all in his path. His followers share his desire for victory and glory. This is not to say that they are crazed berserkers (although some are); they are willing to use whatever tools are available to kill as effectively as possible. In the end, Zarn expects to bring about the destruction of everyone and everything, at which point he will move to conquer a new world.