Gods of Kur - Part 7

Copyright Peter Mork © 2016

Well, we've pretty much caught up to modern-day Kur. To recap, the Te'klu empire spans much of Amibtus, aggregating three kingdoms and millions of people into a cultural hegemony. The major gods have withdrawn, replaced by Eris (goddess of Discord) and her cousin Deimos (god of Terror). Drawn into the vacuum are various other minor powers, organized into four main factions.

Umbra's Faction

With the disappearance of the major gods, Umbra actively recruited new powers from other worlds to step in. She's doing her best to hold things together, but it's difficult when you're prone to analysis paralysis.


Umbra is the most recent addition to the pantheon. She looks like a teenager with long, dark curls and an olive complexion. Umbra is the result of an affair between a Succubus and a human. As such, Umbra also sports a tiny pair of horns and small (useless) wings of red leather.

Umbra is eternally curious, and very respectful of the other gods. She is especially fond of "Uncle Cha’tima." With his help she discovered her portfolio: The Interconnectedness of All Things. This portfolio does not win her many followers, except among esoteric monks, but it does give her wisdom beyond her years. Unfortunately, she comes across as a simpleton because processing new information takes a long time: she must ponder the impact of each new datum against the whole of existence!


Altehander is the god of trade, patron of merchants, and sponsor of business. He is a young man with a mop of dark curly hair. His eyes burn with the enthusiasm of ambition. He wears long white robes, tied off with ropes of gold. His boots are always dusty. He carries a scimitar to dissuade would-be pirates and brigands.

Lady of Veils

The Lady of Veils can best be described as a shroud of living mist. She is the goddess of illusions and soothing waters. She is an enigmatic being, prone to luring her followers into convoluted quests that twist in and out of the Dread. Despite the complications she creates, she is ever benevolent. She abhors despots and those who inflict pain and will use her powers of distraction to allow the less fortunate to escape.


Sveta is the goddess of winds and the mistress of revenge. She is impossibly tall and slender, with raven hair that nearly brushes the floor. She wears a shining breastplate over a pale blue dress across which clouds drift. She sends her snakes out into the world to collect the truth, which she uses to mete out furious justice. Her followers take after her, preferring long spears and the largest of swords.

Celsior's Faction

At first, Celsior rejoiced at the disappearance of his family. However, with the arrival of Eris and Deimos, he grew sullen, no longer the most feared god. He travelled beyond the Pale, to the font of creation, and formed a being of pure magic: Xerhakis.


Celsior is god of the sun, the patron of undead, and the most detested of the immortal siblings. He is of average height and weight, with perhaps just a little too much pudge around the middle. He has short, blonde hair and jovial eyes. Celsior is almost never without a slight smile, and his voice oozes insincerity. Despite this, he tends to get his way.

Celsior was born of Machafuko and Nin (not Nin-Kisura, Machafuko's sister, but Nin, their mother). Nin seduced Machafuko and placed her fertilized egg inside a golden orb. She then convinced Machafuko to steal the orb from his father, Utu. When the gods of Kur hung the orb from the sky to light the world below, Celsior was free.

It is because of Celsior that Cha’tima is trapped within a glass labyrinth. Celsior also brought the sentient undead to Kur. Most of these beings are terrified of their master and therefore avoid the light of day. The vampires tried to usurp Lord Celsior; as punishment, the sun's rays are lethal to these creatures. Celsior is always plotting some new way to torment his family. Not because of any offense, but because Celsior is a sociopath.


Xerhakis is the god of magic. Where his patron is actively immoral, Xerhakis is stubbornly amoral. He respects no constraint that does not derive from the physical laws of the multiverse. Xerhakis is known to adopt several different forms: a diminutive gnome with mastery of Arcane magic, a human wizard with an elaborate moustache and knowledge of all Essence, a terrifying cherubim able to access Channeling magic directly, and a Pale demon with an iron crown and Mentalism magic.