HARP Bestiary Preview Excerpt: The First Texts: The Wildmage

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Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"No two Wildmages will have the same repertoire of spells as each Wild Sphere is unique to its possessor."

Author's Note:
Previous excerpts have been from full draft or further advanced manuscripts. This is an excerpt from the original manuscript of Something Wicked and as such was written before the enhanced version of HARP Fantasy and makes reference to professions which have not yet returned to HARP or are in Something Wicked.


The Wildmage is a self-taught practitioner of magic. Wildmages receive no formal training or schooling in the arts of magic; instead they acquire their skills through a combination of innate talent and chance discoveries. No two Wildmages will have the same repertoire of spells as each Wild Sphere is unique to its possessor. Wildmages can be extremely powerful, but their abilities are counter-balanced by their random nature.

Favored Categories

General: 4
Mystical Arts: 4
Physical: 4
Select two categories: 4 (each)

Key Stats

Insight, Self Discipline

Professional Abilities

Wildmages may learn any spell from their personal Wildmage Sphere. Starting at 1st level, and then every 7th level thereafter, Wildmages gain a +10 bonus to any one spell skill from their own Wildmage sphere. No spell skill may have greater than a +30 bonus from this ability. The Wildmage uses Insight and Self Discipline as the stats associated with his spell-casting.

Note: Wildmages may access spells from the Universal Sphere normally.

Generating a Wild Sphere

Each Wildmage has access to an individual repertoire of spells. A Wildmage can know up to fifteen spells in his or her personal Wild Sphere. On creating a 1st-level Wildmage (or entering the profession at a higher level), the player must roll fifteen times on the table below to determine the sphere or circle for each spell available to the character. The player chooses which exact spell is known from the rolled sphere or circle. Wildmages do not gain access to the Spheres of the Cleric, Druid, or Warlock/Witch.

Note: GMs may allow players to defer some of the spell rolls to later in the Wildmage's career.

For each spell, determine the Sphere or Circle by a d100 roll:

D100 Roll Sphere or Circle
01-10 Circle of Magery
11-20 Circle of Demonology
21-30 Circle of Elementalism
31-40 Circle of Mysticism
41-50 Circle of Necromancy
51-60 Circle of Thaumaturgy
61-70 Circle of Vivamancy
71-75 Sphere of the Adventurer
76-80 Sphere of the Harper
81-85 Sphere of the Ranger
86-90 Sphere of the Shadowblade
91-95 Sphere of the Warrior Mage
96-00 Player's choice (excluding Spheres of the Cleric, Druid and Warlock/Witch)