A Wedding in Axebridge Preview Excerpt

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Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"Bryce, you sly dog! Seems you've outdone yourself with the prize this year, that bow looks t'be one of your best."

Encounter 1.2: Archery
Monsters: None
Treasure: A fine handcrafted (+5 OB) longbow for the winner of the contest. A hand-tooled leather quiver (worth 1sp) to the contestant placed second.
Map: None

Ahead you can see several burly men with large bales of straw hoisted upon their shoulders, which you realize are to be used as targets for an archery contest. On a small wooden table, in plain view of everyone rests a beautiful looking yew longbow complete with a finely crafted quiver, the leather intricately carved and beaded.

A handful of people are stringing bows, testing the pull of each and selecting arrows. One of the competitors speaks to another as he sights down the length of his arrow, ensuring it is straight. "Bryce, you sly dog! Seems you've outdone yourself with the prize this year, that bow looks t'be one of your best. Be a right shame if you were to lose, but you'll be hanging it on your wall this night I'll be bound!" Bryce replies "Ach now don't be silly lad. D'ya see the quiver Blein has made this year. Second's where I'll be if you can shoot straight, though Caitlin will be a mite sore if I don't win." Hearing her name, a young girl looks towards Bryce and waves merrily, then turns to her companion, a gangly youth, wearing the somber robes of a church initiate.

Seeing you in the crowd Bryce asks "You interested in the archery contest? If yes I'll need your mark here. Both bow and quiver are up for grabs."

GM Notes

This encounter offers the characters an opportunity to take part in the contests going on as a part of the wedding festivities.

The competition is friendly, with good shots being appreciated both by the crowd and the other competitors. If the characters don't take part Bryce wins easily, though he does allow some of his shots to "go wild" and miss the target so that the contest lasts more than the first round. If, on the other hand, the characters do enter the contest, Bryce provides them with their only real challenge.

Once it is obvious that there is a real competition taking place, several small wagers take place (typically less than 5cp) and the gamblers start cheering loudly for their favorite.

Bryce has an OB of 59 with a longbow.

Archery & ax/knife throwing contests

This type of contest is a competition of accuracy. Each contestant shoots or throws a number of missiles at a target for which they score points, depending on how near the center of the target they hit. For missiles (i.e. bows), the target starts off 100 ’ from the contestants. For thrown weapons, the target starts off 20 ’ away.

On each successive round the target is moved further away (in 50 ’ increments for missile, 10 ’ increments for thrown.)

If a contestant were to completely miss the target, then he is disqualified and out of the contest.

The winner is either the first person to reach 30 points, or the last person left in the contest at the end of a round. If all of the contestants are disqualified at the end of a given round, then the target is not moved and they shoot again with the shot closest to the center (highest total roll) being declared the winner.

For each throw or shot, the character makes a Maneuver Roll using their OB for the weapon being used. Points are awarded based on what difficulty rating the maneuver would have succeeded against.

If the maneuver would not be successful against a Light maneuver, then the target has been completely missed and the contestant is disqualified.

The Contest Awards table summarizes where the target is hit and the points allocated for that shot. For any shot taken, the character may choose any lower result, in order to deliberately lose if that is what they want to do.

Contest Awards Table

Difficulty Rating Score
Light 2 points (Outer Ring)
Medium 4 points
Hard 6 points
Very Hard 8 points
Extremely Hard 10 points (Bullseye)
Absurd Special (*)

* May choose to split a competitor’s arrow/dislodge an opponent’s knife or axe. Scores the same as the opponent’s shot plus wins the crowd’s approval.

After each round the total number of points is tallied and, if there is no clear winner, the contest advances to the next round. As each round progresses, the target is moved 50’ further away (20’ further for thrown contests) until the maximum range for the weapon is reached.