Cultures of Stone Age Kur

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Cultures of Stone Age Kur

Children of Magic

Most scholars point to Percoland as the birthplace of history, for it was here that the alphabet was invented. High in the mountains, the people of this region negotiated with fey beings to learn the rudiments of magic. To record their discoveries, they developed a written language based entirely around the poem and rebus. Over time, each rebus came to represent a distinct sound. Machafuko was both amused and frustrated that such a complicated system became efficient!


In the Stone Age, most of the residents of Percoland remained savage. The exceptions were the Children of Magic. These people settled in regions that overlap with the Dread, built walls, and made pacts with the fey.

These children obtain most of their daily needs by trading access to the fey for basic goods. They record these interactions on papyrus scrolls, which only they can read. (The local savages treat these messages almost like currency.) They augment this "trade" by foraging.


A typical Child wears a long fur tunic, fur boots, and a fur hat. The "men" decorate their long mustaches and the "women" their hair with baubles and trinkets they obtain from the fey. The more numerous these items, the more the Child has negotiated with the fey, and the more insane they have probably become.


Children do not marry each other. Some form lasting bonds with the fey, but it would be a stretch to call these relationships a marriage. Nearly a third of all children are changelings, which are commonly left to die in the wilderness.


The Children revere the fey. They are willing to enter into bargains that most would find unacceptable. To the Children, such is the price of civilization and progress.


Regrettably, Children fear nearly nothing.


Stone Age Children have access to the following skills.

Skill Category Skill Note
Artistic • Active Acting
Artistic • Passive Drawing
Artistic • Passive Music
Artistic • Passive Poetry
Athletic • Gymnastics Pole-vaulting
Athletic • Gymnastics Rappelling
Crafts Paper-crafts
Influence Teaching
Lore • Obscure Faerie Lore
Power Awareness Read Runes
Power Manipulation Spell Mastery Specific skills for each spell list.
Power Manipulation Targeting
Resistance Impulse Resistance
Science/Analytic • Basic Research
Spells • Impulse Open Lists Delving Ways
Spells • Impulse Open Lists Detecting Ways
Spells • Impulse Open Lists Elemental Shields
Spells • Impulse Open Lists Essence Hand
Spells • Impulse Open Lists Essence's Perceptions
Spells • Impulse Open Lists Lesser Illusions
Spells • Impulse Open Lists Physical Enhancement
Spells • Impulse Open Lists Rune Mastery
Spells • Impulse Open Lists Spell Wall
Spells • Impulse Open Lists Unbarring Ways
Technical/Trade • Professional Architecture
Technical/Trade • Vocational Signaling

Starting Skills

Category or Skill Child of Magic
Artistic • Passive 2
    Poetry 2
Athletic • Brawn 1
Athletic • Endurance 1
    Swimming 1
Athletic • Gymnastics 1
    Climbing 1
Awareness • Perceptions 0
    Alertness 2
Awareness • Searching 1
    Observation 1
Body Development 0
    Concussion Hits 1
Communications: Kalyon 3
    Gibber (S) 5
    Kalyon (W) 1
Crafts 0
    Paper-crafts 2
    Wood-crafts 2
Influence 3
    Diplomacy 3
    Teaching 1
Lore • General 3
    Culture Lore: Own 3
    Region Lore: Own 3
Lore • Obscure 2
    Faerie Lore 2
Outdoor • Environmental 3
    Foraging 3
    Hunting 1
    Survival: Alpine (A) 3
Power Point Development 0
    Power Points 2
Resistance 0
    Disease Resistance 1
    Fear Resistance 1
    Impulse Resistance 1
    Poison Resistance 1
Spells • Impulse Open Lists 0
    Delving Ways 3
    Lesser Illusions 3
Subterfuge • Stealth 2
    Hiding 2
    Stalking 2
Technical/Trade • General 1
Weapon • Crushing 1
    Sticks 1
Hobbies 2
Cost [1] 28

[1] To determine a character’s background options, add up the racial cost and the culture cost. Convert that total into talent points or background options using Talent Law.