Training Packages of the Age of Empires

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Bone Scout

A Bone Scout blazes trails for the Lost. They ride ahead of the clan in search of potential dangers. In most circumstances, they are passive observers, content to report back on what they have witnessed. However, when the situation merits action, they are willing to negotiate on behalf of the clan. They are called bone scouts because every scout carries a supply of runes carved into bone. These runes usually include spells from Essence's Perceptions, especially Presence and Listen.

Category or Skill Ranks
Awareness • Perceptions 0
    Alertness 1
    Sense Danger 2
Awareness • Searching 2
    Observation 2
    Surveillance 2
Awareness • Senses 1
    Direction Sense 1
    Sense Awareness: Sound 1
    Situational Awareness: Social 1
Communications: Kur 1
    Kobold (S) 3
Communications: Turami 1
    Turami (W) 2
Influence 2
    Diplomacy 2
    Trading 1
Outdoor • Animal 1
    Riding: Draft 1
Outdoor • Environmental 2
    Foraging 2
Power Awareness 2
    Read Runes 2
Technical/Trade • General 1
    Trailblazing 1
Cost 52


While the bone scouts are riding ahead of the clan, the collectors spread out to the flanks to gather the supplies needed by the clan. Like the scouts, the collectors are trained in leaving trail messages for their kin to follow. Collectors are also adept at identifying useful plant and animal resources. They are prepared to survive on their own for several days, for example to follow elusive prey.

Category or Skill Ranks
Awareness • Searching 1
    Reading Tracks 1
    Tracking 1
Crafts 0
    Animal-crafts 1
    Wood-crafts 1
Lore • General 1
    Fauna Lore 1
    Flora Lore 2
Outdoor • Environmental 2
    Fishing 1
    Foraging 2
    Hunting 1
    Survival: Coniferous Forest (C) 2
    Survival: Deciduous Forest (D) 1
Technical/Trade • General 1
    Trailblazing 2
Weapon • Thrown 2
    Sling 2
Cost 50