Something Wicked, Something Wondrous: Nexus Fiend

Copyright Nicholas HM Caldwell and Guild Companion Publications Ltd © 2017

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"The caster can shape pure mana into a humanoid form..."

Nexus Fiend: A New High Magic Spell

RANGE: 50'
DURATION: 10 rounds/rank (C)
RR: —
SPHERES: High Magic
DESCRIPTION: The caster can shape pure mana into a humanoid form, and then make it move at a rate of up to 10' per round. The base spell creates a Tiny Nexus Fiend that is 2' tall. The Nexus Fiend must remain within the nexus node in which it was created at all times. The caster is required to concentrate to control the Nexus Fiend. Should he drop the concentration, the Nexus Fiend will just dissipate. The scaling option, No Concentration, allows the caster to give the Nexus Fiend simple verbal commands that the Fiend will follow. With the scaling option, Mental Control (requires the No Concentration scaling option), the caster may give simple commands without speaking. This spell may only be cast within a nexus node.
Increase Fiend Size (per size increase) +4 PP
Increase Range (per +50') +1 PP
No Concentration +3 PP
Mental Control +4 PP

(Nexus Fiends have the following statistics:

Size Init Hits DB OB Stamina RR Will RR Magic RR Attack Notes
Tiny Fiend 5 30 40 40 20 N/A 20 Tiny Electrical 2' tall
Small Fiend 10 60 60 60 30 N/A 30 Small Electrical 4' tall
Medium Fiend 15 90 80 80 40 N/A 40 Medium Electrical 6' tall
Large Fiend 20 120 100 100 50 N/A 50 Large Electrical 8' tall
Huge Fiend 25 150 120 120 60 N/A 60 Huge Electrical 10' tall

Nexus Fiends cannot be affected by spells requiring Will RRs, suffer only half hits damage from normal weapons, and full hits damage from magical attacks. They do not suffer stuns, hits per round or maneuver penalty results.)