Races of Pax

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The islands of Pax are home to the Anzhelae that devote their lives to peace. High above the sea, Cherubim dwell in the clouds. They are charged by Olive Branch with preserving peace at all costs. They have interpreted this to mean that all other races must (eventually) be exterminated. Finally, Pax is home to the Reali; refugees from the territorial wars elsewhere on Kur. In this article, we review the local geography and introduce the races native to Pax.


Pax is an archipelago covered with deciduous forests, except for the windswept highlands. The northern isles are temperate and relatively flat. The southern isle rises from the northern shore to steep cliffs along the south. This isle is much cooler, although the warm ocean waters temper the climate along the northern shore.

In addition to the peaceful Reali (humans) who fled the aggressive expansion from the west, the area is populated by Anzhelae. In addition to its remote location, reaching Pax requires fighting through the Cherubim who reside in the clouds between Pax and Qod. (Their territory is limited in that clouds are not solid elsewhere on Kur.) Pax unfortunately also houses Grey Orcs.


The Anzhel are beings of pure logic, bliss, and peace fashioned by Olive Branch, herself. Olive spends much of her time among her people, enjoying the complete lack of conflict, reveling in total obedience.

Overview: Anzhelae are a blessed race. Thanks to Olive, they do not need to eat, drink, or sleep. They are gifted with incredible magical capabilities, including an innate ability to Calm hostility. Anzhelae need considerable rest each night to recharge their power source (PP recovery requires a connection to the Void).

Build: Anzhelae are akin to emotive computers housed in a shell of living stone. When still, with their huge wings, they look like garden angels.

Coloration: All Anzhel are pure alabaster, including their hair, skin and eyes. They are living statues.

Aging: Anzhelae cease functioning 42 years after their construction. Moreover, if an Anzhel directly harms a sentient being, it immediately ceases functioning.

Talents & Flaws:
Life Support (sustenance)
Lucky (minor)
Pacifist (greater)
Power (greater): 10 ranks of Calm Spirits, 5 ranks of Blood Law, Bone Law, Concussion's Ways, Muscle Law, Nerve Law, Organ Law, Purifications, and Spell Defense (all Divine)


The Cherubim inhabit the clouds above Pax, which in this region are weight-bearing. Early in the history of Kur, Olive Branch visited the Cherubim, telling them to establish peace at any cost. They have interpreted this edict to mean that they must, in time, eradicate all other forms of life from Kur (apart from the Anzhelae).

Overview: Like the Anzhelae, Cherubim have feathery wings. They are graceful and quick, with little to no sense of self control. They naturally gravitate towards spells of destruction and domination.

Build: These creatures look like elves with slender builds, pointed ears, elegant wings, and hollow bones. They stand about 6'6" and weigh around 100#.

Coloration: Cherubim have gold, bronze or silver skin with black, brown or blonde hair, respectively. They tend to have blue or purple eyes.

Aging: Cherubim live long lives, usually dying from violence.

Cold Resistance (greater)
Heat Resistance (greater)

Racial Summary

Anzhel Cherubim
Ag +1 +2
Co 0 -2
Me +4 +2
Re +8 0
SD +8 -4
Em +8 0
In +5 +2
Pr +5 +1
Qu +3 +1
St -10 -1
Body Dev 0 • 7 • 5 • 3 • 1 0 • 6 • 4 • 2 • 1
Exhaustion Pts 0 0
Channeling PP 0 • 5 • 3 • 2 • 2 0 • 6 • 5 • 4 • 3
Essence PP 0 • 7 • 6 • 5 • 4 0 • 6 • 6 • 4 • 3
Mentalism PP 0 • 2 • 1 • 1 • 1 0 • 7 • 5 • 4 • 3
Channeling RR 0 -5
Essence RR 0 -5
Mentalism RR 0 -5
Disease RR 0 +100
Fear RR 0 0
Poison RR 0 +10
Recovery Mod 0.5 1.5
Sleep Req 10 hrs / night (to recover PP) 4 hrs / night
Lifespan 80 1200
Soul Departure 12 3
Race Type 1 5
Cost* 320 159.5

*Kur is a world of great variety—virtually any combination of race and culture is possible. Thus, the talent point cost for races and cultures must be computed separately to determine a character's background options.