The Guild Companion "Caer Glais" Preview Excerpt

Copyright Copyright Chris Seal and Iron Crown Enterprises Ltd © 2017

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"Experiments with these nexuses of magic lead to an instability within the Ethereum Arcane and this, in turn, leads to the destruction of the cities of the Mithrans as the world itself convulses."

An Extract from the Timeline of the southern lands of the world of Mithra, as given in the in-progress campaign sourcebook, Caer Glais.

0AE: The ending of the great war between the Mithrans and the Saena. During this time a rogue faction of the Mithrans, known as the Defenders of Tallash, refuse to lay down arms and flee from the Tor to the ends of the earth, eventually settling on one of the newly formed Shatterings at the bottom of the world. On their arrival they find a primitive dwarven race who inhabit the mountains and hills of the Tyrisian landmass, and set about enslaving them. A few of the more hardy dwarves flee southwards, trusting in their robust constitution to enable them to survive the frozen lands of the Antarctic.

500AE: The dwarves who fled the Mithrans, taking the name Umli after the leader who helped them escape, begin the construction of a great fleet of sailing vessels, fearful that the Mithrans may track them to the Southlands. These fleets of ships are kept in harbour, ready to be boarded should word of the Mithrans reach the Southlands.

750AE: The Mithrans and their dwarven slaves build great cities and begin planning their return to the mainland. During this time, great advances in magical research are made and the nexuses of energy that dot the Aeden Isles are located and tapped. Experiments with these nexuses of magic lead to an instability within the Ethereum Arcane and this, in turn, leads to the destruction of the cities of the Mithrans as the world itself convulses. The Mithrans and their dwarven slaves flee underground, taking shelter in the embrace of the earth.

The Umli, sensing the encroaching devastation, set sail in their tribal fleets and leave the Southlands, making their way to the Antarctic pack ice.

5500AE: Birth of great Umli philosopher, Khaziz who brought the spirits. Khaziz introduced the concept of shamanism to the Umli people and is still revered as the saviour of the Umli, teaching them to live in harmony with the spirit world.

13,950AE: The start of the Great Winter, a mini ice-age that grips the Southlands for 10 years. The Umli suffer widespread famine and their numbers are severely reduced.

15,650AE: The Umli rediscover metalworking and begin mining the islands off the coast of the Southlands.

Within a decade a great plague strikes the Umli. Consulting the spirits, a convocation of Umli shamans determine the cause of the plague is the havoc they are inflicting on the earth and issue an edict against mining. This edict becomes a tradition among the Umli, who cease using metal tools and weapons, but the reason behind the edict is lost to the mists of time.

18,750AE: The Cyrads build a Royal Road that extends to the Tyrisian landmass. No trace remains of the Mithran civilisation for the Cyrads to discover and the lands have returned to forest. A few hardy Cyrads settle in Tyrisia, and these become the forebears of the Tyrisian people.

18,990AE: The Karamin, another group of Cyrads, led by the charismatic leader Karam, arrive through the Royal Road and settle near the southwestern corner of the Tyrisian continent.

19,190AE: War breaks out between the Tyrisian Cyrads and the Karamin Cyrads. The Karamin are driven out of Tyrisia and into the Aeden Isles. The Karamin build a great city, Karackam, on top of a nexus of magical power in the highlands of Cwaenydd. The nexus, destabilised by the long ago Mithran experiment, leaks magical energy into the surrounding lands, tainting the Karamin, who begin to evolve into a smaller, more magically attuned people.

19,250AE: The Royal Road acts to siphon off the excessive magical energy of the destabilised nexuses, and this causes them to become unstable. Travellers using the Royal Road go missing with increasing frequency and the Tyrisian Cyrads cease travelling by this road.

19,776AE: The year of flame and ash. The eruption of a series of volcanoes along the Dragon’s Beak Mountains forces the Tyrisian Cyrads to abandon the main Tyrisian landmass and flee to the Aeden Isles. Unable to preserve their libraries, cut off from their homelands, and few in number, the Tyrisians devolve to a primitive, hunter-gatherer society.

With the arrival of the Tyrisian Cyrads, the Karamin, tapping the power of the nexus, magically hide their city from sight. This magical disguise protects the Karamin until their home is destroyed in the great earthquake of 25, 230AE.

20,000AE: The Mithrans, long since adapted to living underground, capture a group of Tyrisians and begin a program of interbreeding that ultimately leads to the evolution of the people who take up residence in the Southlands.

Aided by dwarven slaves, a population of Southlanders escapes the underground cities of the Mithrans and flees, following the same route taken by the dwarves who fled the Mithrans. They are greeted by the shamanistic, Umli, who now live on their large tribal fleets of boats.

The Umli provide safe passage to the Southlands and help the fledgling population of Southlanders to establish themselves in these harsh lands.

In response to the escape the Mithrans begin experimenting on those Southlanders remaining, breeding into them a strong sense of hierarchy and respect for the ruling castes. The earliest attempts at engineering the proto-Valkyr to grow wings are attempted during this period of experimentation.

20,100AE: The Sidhe elves discover the Royal Road to Tyrisia, during a period of relative stability in its operation. The first travellers through the portal find their way to the forest covered Aeden Isles and begin to form settlements. As more Sidhe migrate to the Aeden Isles, they drive the Tyrisian peoples from the Isles, back to the main Tyrisian landmass. The Sidhe enter a golden age that lasts until the war with the Mithrans in 22,250AE:

22,250AE: The Sidhe come into contact with the Mithrans and their Valkyr creations. In a series of long protracted battles, the Sidhe eventually drive the Mithrans back underground, aided by the Valkyr who turn on their masters, led by Valdyra, a Valkyr of unusual intellect. Valdyra becomes enshrined in legend, eventually becoming associated with the creator goddess of the Valkyr. The Valkyr settle in the Black Peaks, near where the Karamin built their great city.