Races of Pax

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The islands of Pax are home to the Anzhels that devote their lives to peace. High above the sea, Cherubim dwell in the clouds. They are charged by Olive Branch with preserving peace at all costs. They have interpreted this to mean that all other races must (eventually) be exterminated. Finally, Pax is home to the Reali; refugees from the territorial wars elsewhere on Kur. In this article, we review the local geography and introduce the races native to Pax.


Pax is an archipelago covered with deciduous forests, except for the windswept highlands. The northern isles are temperate and relatively flat. The southern isle rises from the northern shore to steep cliffs along the south. This isle is much cooler, although the warm ocean waters temper the climate along the northern shore.

In addition to the peaceful Reali (humans) who fled the aggressive expansion from the west, the area is populated by Anzhels. In addition to its remote location, reaching Pax requires fighting through the Cherubim who reside in the clouds between Pax and Qod. (Their territory is limited in that clouds are not solid elsewhere on Kur.) Pax unfortunately also houses Grey Orcs.

Reali (Human)

The race of Reali are the original inhabitants of the hills now populated by the Kish. Pushed aside by the more aggressive Kish, the Reali have adapted to life in the eastern isles.

Overview: The Reali are essentially Common Men. With the advent of travel, they can be found everywhere leading unassuming lives.

Build: They stand about 5'10" with an average build (160 pounds). From a distance, one can often recognize a Reali from his long arms and legs (relative to his torso).

Coloration: The Reali have pale skin (that burns easily). As a rule, they have blonde hair and blue eyes, but these traits are recessive and mixed blood allows a Reali to exhibit almost any coloration.

Aging: As a Reali ages, his body begins to stoop, but this generally has little impact on his physical capabilities.

Crane Hengeyokai

The Hengeyokai were created by Kazadory to allow animal spirits to assume human form. Whereas these spirits can be found anywhere on Kur, one kind of Hengeyokai predominates in each region of Kur. In Pax, Crane Hengeyokai are most common.

Each kind of Hengeyokai is a distinct species—a Cat Hengeyokai and a Dog Hengeyokai cannot have children together. In general, Hengeyokai cannot reproduce with humans, either, although on rare occasion, a human child may result from such a union.

Overview: Crane Hengeyokai are quick and agile, both physically and mentally. They tend to lack ambition and passion, content to watch the world unfold before them. They eschew violence, but are quick to recover from injuries.

Build: Cranes move with simplicity and grace. In human form, they are slender to the point of being gaunt. Their large liquid eyes exhibit great compassion.

Coloration: They have smooth features and eyes that show great compassion. Their eyes have an orange or yellow tint and a colorful shock of hair is common.

Aging: As Cranes age, they become increasingly likely to put themselves in harm's way to prevent violence.

Talents & Flaws:
Pacifist (major)
Shapechanger: Crane to human

Orc, Grey

The grey orcs have been infesting the caves beneath Pax since before the arrival of the surface and air races. These orcs have a particular hatred for the Cherubim. Killing for peace just seems so wrong!

Overview: Grey orcs are likely the most dangerous breed of orc. Instead of mastering martial skills, they have a keen aptitude for spells. Combined with a ruthless cunning, a band of grey orcs is most formidable—except that it is likely working to destroy a rival band.

Build: Grey orcs have a thick rough hide. They stand only 5'1" and weigh roughly 150 pounds.

Coloration:Grey orcs have a smoky tint to their flesh. Eyes range from reddish-brown to icy blue. Hair is always black.

Aging: These orcs make it to about 60 years old or so. At that point, their ability to recognize danger fades to nothing and they appear suicidal in their willingness to take chances.

Cold Resistance (major)
Heat Resistance (major)
Darkvision (10')

Racial Summary

Reali (Human) Crane Hengeyokai Orc, Grey
Ag 0 +2 0
Co 0 0 +4
Me 0 +2 +2
Re 0 0 0
SD 0 -4 -1
Em 0 0 +2
In 0 +2 +2
Pr 0 +1 0
Qu 0 +2 0
St 0 -2 +1
Body Dev 0 • 6 • 4 • 2 • 1 0 • 6 • 4 • 2 • 1 0 • 6 • 3 • 2 • 1
Exhaustion Pts 0 0 +20
Channeling PP 0 • 6 • 5 • 4 • 3 0 • 6 • 5 • 4 • 3 0 • 6 • 5 • 4 • 3
Essence PP 0 • 6 • 5 • 4 • 3 0 • 5 • 3 • 2 • 2 0 • 6 • 5 • 4 • 3
Mentalism PP 0 • 6 • 5 • 4 • 3 0 • 6 • 5 • 4 • 3 0 • 6 • 4 • 3 • 2
Channeling RR 0 +10 0
Essence RR 0 +5 +40
Mentalism RR 0 +10 +40
Disease RR 0 0 +15
Fear RR 0 0 0
Poison RR 0 0 +20
Recovery Mod 1 0.75 0.5
Sleep Req 6 hrs / night 6 hrs / night 6 hrs / 3 days
Lifespan 100 yrs 80 yrs 80 yrs
Soul Departure 12 rnds 10 rnds 1 rnd
Race Type 3 3 2
Cost* 30 47 126.5

*Kur is a world of great variety—virtually any combination of race and culture is possible. Thus, the talent point cost for races and cultures must be computed separately to determine a character's background options.