“Caer Glais” Preview Excerpt

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Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"The Umli live a nomadic life aboard great ocean going fleets of wooden and bone vessels."

An Extract from the peoples and cultures of the southern lands of the world of Mithra, as given in the in-progress campaign sourcebook, Caer Glais.

Races of the South

Many distinct people inhabit the lands of Tyrisia and the South having arrived through the Royal Road lost in the east of the Tyrisian continent. After so many centuries, none of the people who live there have any memory of their origins and each believe that they are native to their lands. Of all of the people who live in this region, only the Umli originated in the South, and they were displaced by invaders millenia ago.

  1. Dwarves
    The Umli are the remnants of a once great dwarven empire that sprang up in the Tyrisian continent and spread throughout the lands of the South. The Umli live a nomadic life aboard great ocean going fleets of wooden and bone vessels. They hunt along the edges of the antarctic pack ice and trade seal skins, whale blubber and ornately carved bone goods with the more northern lands, during the summer months.
  2. Elves
    The Sidhe are an ancient race that arrived in the Tyrisian lands 1200 years after the Cyrads discovered and settled in them. Unlike their elven cousins, the Sidhe are not immune to disease, their enhanced immune system disrupted by the magical emanations that permeate the South. The Sidhe are a race in decline and have been engaged in an ongoing guerrilla war with the Gael, a war that they are slowly losing.
  3. Halflings
    The Karamin were once human, descendants of the original Cyrads who arrived in Tyrisia through the Royal Roads. Due to prolonged contact with magical energies leaking from the nexus under their home city, the Karamin have become smaller and swifter until they now appear more like children than adults. This exposure has also strengthened their ties to the Essence and they are often powerful magic users.
  4. Humans
    The humans of Tyrisia and the South are divided into three different racial groups. The first to arrive in the south were the Cyrads. Settling into the lands of the Tyrisian continent, and establishing a small number of colonies in the Aeden Isles, the original Cyrads have taken on the name of their new homelands, becoming the Tyrisian people.
    A second racial group, the Southron, has resulted from magical manipulation of the original Cyrad stock. The Southron are a tall, warlike people who live almost exclusively in the deep South.
    The final racial group, and the most recent people to arrive through the Royal Roads are the Gael. Originally from the Skaldi Kingdoms, the Gael have settled in the Aeden Isles, driving the Sidhe out of their traditional homelands in a series of long, protracted battles.

Racial statistics for the people of Tyrisia and the South

Race St Co Ag Qu SD Re In Pr
Umli +2 +5 -1 - 2 +4 - +1 +1
Sidhe - +2 +3 +3 -3 +2 - +2
Karamin -2 - +4 +4 -2 +3 +2 +3
Gael * * * * * * * *
Southron * * * * * * * *
Tyrisian * * * * * * * *

The Gael, Southron and Tyrisians do not have fixed racial bonuses. Players of Tyrisian characters have 10 points to divide any way they like between the 9 racial stats. No stat may have a bonus greater than +3. Gael characters tend to have high Strength, Agility, Self Discipline and Presence. Southron characters tend to have high Strength, Constitution, and Self Discipline.

Race Endurance PPs Stamina Will Magic
Umli 40 20 15 15 -
Sidhe 30 30 10 - 20
Karamin 20 40 15 10 5
Gael 30 30 10 10 10
Southron 30 30 10 10 10
Tyrisian 30 30 10 10 10

Racial Talents

Race Talents
Umli Dark Vision (Greater), Dense Musculature, Cold Resistance (Major)
Sidhe Enhanced Senses, Night Vision, Quiet Stride
Karamin Greater Resistance (Stamina), Sense Magic, Skill Specialisation
Gael Lesser Resistance (Will), Bonus Skill Ranks, Skill Specialisation
Southron Greater Resistance (Fear), Cold Resistance (Minor), Skill Specialisation
Tyrisian Bonus Skill Ranks, Skill Specialisation, Skill Flexibility

New Talents

Cold Resistance (Major): The character has a significant tolerance to natural cold. In game terms, this is equivalent to lowering the temperature at which Stamina RRs must be made by 50 degrees Celsius (i.e. to -46 and -68 degrees Celsius).
Cost: 20

Greater Resistance (Fear): The character has an innate resistance to fear and terror. In game terms, this means that character gains a speical +20 bonus to any Resistance Roll that engenders fear or a fear-like effect. This talent does not stack with any other Greater Resistance or Lesser Resistance Talent.
Cost: 15