Cultures of Stone Age Kur

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Cultures of Stone Age Kur


The Avaļ have existed in the chilly southeastern islands for millenia. According to legend, they were visited by Olive Branch who counseled them to practice patience and peace. She set the Cherubim and Anzhel as a buffer against outside forces, and waited for the inevitable victory of peace over hostile intent. The Avaļ are her second experiment towards this end (the first was obliterated in the Cataclysm).


Along the coasts the Avaļ collect shellfish; in the rocky plains the Avaļ herd crison. They lead a simple life, content to spend their idle time alone in meditation or together in small groups singing. Despite the difficult climate, resources for these small nomadic bands are plentiful.

The Avaļ build small stone dwellings out of flat shale rocks. These dwellings are large enough for three to five individuals to live comfortably. A given band of Avaļ will relocate every five or six years, when resources in the area begin to run low. In some cases, the new location will already have stone dwellings, abandoned by other Avaļ decades ago. Otherwise, the new arrivals will construct a hexagonal hive of huts, which they surround with earthen embankment to protect from the wind.


A traditional Avaļ cloak consists of two layers of leather, loosely stitched together. The space between this layers can be filled with crison fur to provide added insulation in the long winter months. Heavy fur hoods, gloves, and boots protect their extremities, and a one piece leather tunic with attached leggings is worn under the cloak.

They collect decorative shells that they assemble into necklaces. Larger shells are used to create brooches.


The Avaļ live as married couples, although no ceremony marks the formation of this bond. Two individuals simply start living together, with the expectation that once cohabitation begins, this arrangement is for life. Gender plays little role in marriage; same sex couples are expected to care for any children who have been orphaned.


Central to Avaļ religious life are the statues that they create out of clay. Every dwelling includes a representation of that abode's guardian. These statues are abstract seated figures with crossed legs and arms. The local family decorates this statue with jewelry and a hood (although these adornments are generally lost to the archaeological record.) The statue accumulates the spirits of the deceased, which are the source of the Avaļ's divine spell-casting abilities.


The Avaļ fear violence. They are content to gather supplies, but they do not kill. Indeed, leather is only available when a crison dies of natural causes and is therefore in relatively short supply. Conflicts are generally resolved through exile (or splitting the band if both sides have adherents).


Stone Age Avaļ have access to the following skills.

Skill Category Skill Note
Artistic • Passive Sculpting
Athletic • Gymnastics Contortions
Athletic • Gymnastics Pole-vaulting
Athletic • Gymnastics Rappelling
Athletic • Gymnastics Tightrope-walking
Combat Maneuvers Restricted Area Combat
Crafts Earth-crafts
Crafts Food-crafts
Crafts Stone-crafts
Lore • Magical Symbol Lore
Lore • Obscure Faerie Lore
Lore • Technical Stone Lore
Outdoor • Animal Animal Handling Specific skills include Aerial, Aquatic, Arthropods, Carnivorous, Dangerous Herbivores, Draft, Flying Monster, Hybrid Elemental, Land Monster, Passive Herbivores, Reptile/Amphibian, Unearthly, Water Monster (see Creatures & Monsters and Fire & Ice)
Outdoor • Animal Herding
Power Manipulation Channeling
Resistance Divine Resistance
Spells • Divine Open Lists Barrier Law
Spells • Divine Open Lists Concussion’s Ways
Spells • Divine Open Lists Detection Mastery
Spells • Divine Open Lists Light’s Way
Spells • Divine Open Lists Lofty Movements
Spells • Divine Open Lists Nature’s Law
Spells • Divine Open Lists Purifications
Spells • Divine Open Lists Sound’s Way
Spells • Divine Open Lists Spell Defense
Spells • Divine Open Lists Weather Ways
Subterfuge • Mechanics Camouflage
Technical/Trade • Professional Architecture
Technical/Trade • Professional Mining
Weapon • Chopping Axe
Weapon • Chopping Hammer

Starting Skills

Category or Skill Avaļ
Artistic • Active 1
    Singing 1
Artistic • Passive 1
    Sculpting 1
Athletic • Brawn 1
Athletic • Endurance 2
    Distance Running 1
    Scaling 1
    Swimming 2
Athletic • Gymnastics 1
    Climbing 1
    Diving 1
    Rappelling 1
Awareness • Perceptions 0
    Alertness 2
Awareness • Searching 1
    Observation 1
    Surveillance 1
Body Development 0
    Concussion Hits 1
Communications: Reali 1
    Avali (S) 5
Crafts 0
    Earth-crafts 2
    Food-crafts 2
    Stone-crafts 3
    Wood-crafts 1
Lore • General 3
    Culture Lore: Own 3
    Fauna Lore 3
    Flora Lore 1
    Region Lore: Own 3
Lore • Magical 2
    Symbol Lore 2
Lore • Technical 3
    Stone Lore 3
Outdoor • Animal 2
    Animal Handling: Passive Herbivores 2
    Herding 2
Outdoor • Environmental 3
    Fishing 3
    Foraging 2
    Survival: Saltwater shore (S) 2
Power Point Development 0
    Power Points 2
Resistance 0
    Disease Resistance 1
    Divine Resistance 1
    Fear Resistance 1
    Poison Resistance 1
Self Control 1
    Meditation 1
Spells • Divine Open Lists 0
    Concussion's Ways 1
    Light's Way 1
    Weather Ways 3
Technical/Trade • General 1
Technical/Trade • Professional 0
    Mining 1
Hobbies 2
Everyman Skills Channeling
Cost [1] 57

[1] To determine a character’s background options, add up the racial cost and the culture cost. Convert that total into talent points or background options using Talent Law.