HARP Bestiary Preview Excerpt: Electric Eel

Copyright Colin Tucker and ICE © 2018

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

"Multiple shocks can cause heart failure or stun a creature causing it to drown should it fall into the water."


Name Electric Eel
Level 1
Size Large
BMR Type Swim
BMR 29
# Enc 1-5
Outlook Aloof
Treasure -
DB 38
Hits 107
Init 8
Stamina 54
Will 20
Magic 15


Electric Shock - Medium Electric 30


Ambush (6) 46, Contortions (4) 26, Endurance (3) 17, Navigation (4) 17, Perception (3) 35, Resistance - Magic (3) 15, Resistance - Stamina (5) 54, Resistance - Will (3) 20, Stalking & Hiding (2) 56, Swimming (6) 30, Electric Shock - Medium Electric (6) 30


Agile Defense, Giantism (Minor), Blazing Speed, Enhanced Senses, Extremely Nimble, Instinctive Defense, Lightning Reflexes, Multiple or Peripheral Eyes (Minor), Natural Camouflage, Natural Weapon (Electric Shock), Night Vision, Subtle, Electrical Immunity, Gills, Electrical Pulse Location


Electric eels are freshwater fish. They have long, cylindrical bodies with a slightly flattened snout and a square mouth. Their skin is dark grey or dark brown and often has a lighter underbelly (usually yellow or orange). The average electric eel will grow to roughly 6.5 feet (2m) in length. Particularly large specimens have been known to reach 8 feet (2.5m).


Electric eels tend to live in very calm waters including rivers, swamps and creeks. Despite having gills, they surface roughly every 10 minutes or so to breathe air. This adaptation allows them to live in very poorly oxygenated water that other gilled animals would not survive in. An electric eel’s diet consists mainly of invertebrates such as shrimps and crabs. However, they have also been known to eat fish, amphibians and small mammals.

Abilities and Combat

An electric eel is capable of producing electric shocks of up to 600 volts. This ability is used both in hunting and in self-defence. In both cases the shock is enough to kill smaller animals and at the very least deter larger animals. Electric eels are known to be able to produce these shocks intermittently over at least an hour without any lessening of the effect and without any signs of fatigue. Their skin has a slimy coating which protects it from its own electric current.

While intelligent races will often receive a shock from an electric eel if it enters its habitat, these shocks rarely result in deaths. However, multiple shocks can cause heart failure or stun a creature causing it to drown should it fall into the water.

Electric eels have a very good sense of hearing but very poor eyesight. To make up for this lack of eyesight, electric eels can also emit a low-level charge of less than 10 volts which they use as a form of radar to locate their prey.

Background & Adventure Notes

Electric eels are capable of emitting strong electric shocks hours after their death. It is for this reason they are rarely eaten, even in places where they are relatively common.

In antiquity physicians used electric eels to treat a wide variety of ailments including numbing the feet of gout sufferers and easing the pain of those suffering from persistent headaches.